Monday, October 10, 2005

Life, Friends & Acquaintance

"Things have dropped from me. I have outlived certain desires; I have lost friends, some by death... others through sheer inability to cross the street. "

~ Virginia Woolf

Met up with some old university mates last Saturday. We were never close. Acquaintance really, but occasionally it's nice to meet up, find out how everyone's doing.

The humdrums of social life, I suppose. But all friendship first starts with a "hi." In some way it may have been my fault that we never kept in touch before. I've never been overtly social. (Oddly, for all of Brat's claims to Un-Social Butterflyhood, she managed to keep in touch with old acquaintance better than myself. Maybe her Blur-F**K face is deceptively endearing. )

Anyway, back to my uni-classmates: These are people who do not know about this blog. And I would prefer to keep it this way. There's a lot I do not wish to share with them. And I'm suspicious of the "friendliness" of one or two of these ladies.

But there was a brief moment when Ms F spoke too fast and mentioned the existence of this blog. *Sigh*

But thank goodness - they are not interested enough in me to find out the address of this blog. Or rather I brushed it off later when the subject returned.

I did not speak much among them, people whom I'm not too familiar with. As usual. They all seem to have progressed in their lives. Got married, getting married, advanced in careers etc. When the question came round to yours truly, I merely replied:

"Life has been peaceful and quiet for me."

That, is as much as I will volunteer about my life since graduation. Yes, it has been peaceful for quite some time. I get the occasional conflict at work: office politics, disagreement with bosses - but these are part of life. And I deal with them as they come.

(As much as Ms F like to disagree about the state of my life - things HAVE been peaceful for a very long time. I think it's about time Ms F stop reminding me of the drama of the past and actually acknowledge that my current lifestyle is nice and quiet. And it's staying this way for a while longer.)

Maybe my ex-classmates will take me to be a boring person. But boring is under-rated, in my opinion.

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