Friday, December 09, 2005

Rapture By Carol Ann Duffy

Finally got this collection of Carol Ann Duffy's poems, Rapture. Been waiting for two months. *sigh* Better late than never. "You" is the opening poem from this fine collection.


Uninvited, the thought of you stayed too late in my head.
so I went to bed, dreaming you hard, hard, woke with your name,
like tears, soft, salt, on my lips, the sound of its bright syllables
like a charm, like a spell.

Falling in love
is glamorous hell: the crouched, parched heart
like a tiger, ready to kill; a flame’s fierce licks under the skin.
into my life, larger than life, you strolled in.

I hid in my ordinary days, in the long grass of routine,
in my camouflage rooms. You sprawled in my gaze,
staring back from anyone’s face, from the shape of a cloud,
from the pining, earth-struck moon which gapes at me

as I open the bedroom door. The curtains stir. There you are
on the bed, like gift, like a touchable dream.

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t said...

much ado about a nice poem. it was a very enjoyable read. no wonder so many people like Duffy's work.