Monday, July 10, 2006

Group Reading Thing

Caught DY with her husband, DT on Saturday evening - right before WW's big KTV gig (about that later)

DY and I were just chatting about how small the world is, where you keep running into people you know - and DT commented, that ironically, it's too big to meet up for a bookclub.

Oops. When we failed to read Robertson Davies, we just lost the momentum.

As for the follow-up - I guess His Dark Materials was a little too heavy for a bookclub (3 books!) DY suggested perhaps we could do Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close instead.

I winced. Not a book I want to read. Really. I rather do War and Peace - but I don't think Tolstoy's going to get a positive response from my fellow bookclub members.

Anyway, here's my plug on Involuntary Memory - it's a Reading Group for Proust. *Woooooow*

They're just warming up the gig so there should be some time to catching up on the reading. I'm interested but with my current commitment to War and Peace and other books, I wonder if I can do the 50~60 pages of Proust every week.

**I think I can. I think I can.**

Wait, this means I might not make it for my own bookclub. Heh.


precious said...

proust! and he was cancerian! (i found that on the blog u linked.) now i wanna read him :P

darkorpheus said...

Yay! Read it with me! Very easy, just do it bite-size.

Anyway, Proust can't be taken in large chunks. I tried, but I keep zoning out and have to re-track (and re-read) the previous passages.

Heh. ;)