Tuesday, August 01, 2006

PROUST | Swann In Love

Swann's Way
Update: 1st August 2006

I'm now into the second chapter of Swann's Way, the first book of the Proustian epic. That's only about 280 pages. Long way to go. Heh.

I had not expected to like Proust quite so much.I enjoyed how he captured the comedic side of the neurotic but snobbish middle-class. Even his narrative meandering is fun (much, much more than Umberto Eco's meandering).

In the "Combray" chapter of Swann's Way we are introduced to M. Swann as a neighbour, somewhat fallen from favour with the narrator's family due to Swann's marriage to a lady of dubious repute. "Swann In Love" elaborates on the story of his unfortunate romance with the shady but manipulative demimondain, Odette de Crecy, who will later be his wife.

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