Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ian McKellen

Added this picture of SIR Ian McKellen as Gandalf the White. Just in the mood for the Sexiest Man Past the Age of Sixty And Still Alive And Kicking. (He was born in 1939, so go count)

Ian McKellen still has It. Sean Connery also has It. Harrison Ford lost it waaaaay before Calista Flockhart the Stick Insect.

Once saw an episode of Saturday Night Live; McKellen was a guest star and I watched him play it up as Yves Saint-Laurent in all his queenly glory. And later he did a hilarious parody of Dame Maggie Smith - in red dress and pearls to match. He made me laugh so hard. Love a Shakespeare actor that's willing to camp it up.

Can't wait for X-Men 3. Yes, I love this man as Magneto. Patrick Stewart has nothing on McKellen.

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