Friday, April 28, 2006

The Easter Story

Almost missed out this little piece from The Times. Jeanette Winterson on the Easter story. A reminder that one can be queerly irreligious - yet spiritual.
It is significant that the first person to find the miracle is a woman, and a woman who was a prostitute. Christianity, in its earliest force, was not a religion of power; it was a religion of love.

Taken from The Times, April 15, 2006


precious said...

nice one. i've by now read lots of jeanette essays, thanks to you - i really like that one about her godchildren - but still haven't read a book by her...

Dark Orpheus said...

Each to their own.

If you EVER get around to reading her books though, pick out her earlier works. Her later books are annoyingly pretentious.

I also really like the essay on her godchildren. She is at her best when she loves the things she writes about.