Friday, April 07, 2006

TIBET: What to Pack Again

I've re-packed my backpack for Tibet too many times to count. Out of sheer paranoia, I've purchase a heavy duty fleece jacket from Campus Corner. It's a nice bright blue that I like.

I am such a slut for blue.

So for cold wear I'm packing:

1) Heavy duty fleece jacket
2) The fleece vest that WW lent me.
- It's light-weight so it's more suitable for when I am on the move, and I can wear my water-proof Nike jacket over when it snows.
3) Black Nike jacket
- I rarely travel without it

And because I have enough space, I have increased my underwear from 3 to 5. This is partly due to grossed-out protest from friends who cannot believe 3 pairs of underwear should be made to last 2 weeks.

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