Monday, October 09, 2006

My Bookshelves

Bought a new camera phone, so I was trying out the camera function. A glimpse at my bookshelves in a gradual 3 parts view from the floor upwards. (Click on the picture for a larger view)

[Picture 1 Above] These are the stacks on the floor. No more shelf-space. The penguin is one of the Carebear Cousins. In the background you can see the bookshelves. My poetry collection (small collection) on the left, the hardcovers on the right.

[Picture 2 Above] Mid-rows of the bookshelves. Besides books, there are the Little Endless figurines, Robotech bookends, Sandman bookends. Next to the little Greek armour statue is Gibbons' Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and other works on ancient history and mythology (such as Homer, Plutarch, Herodotus and Suetonius).

[Picture 3 Above] Is it just me or is there a "looming bookshelves of death" feel to this picture?


Unknown said...

My shelf used to look like that, until i had to sell away hundreds of books. So now, my shelf is full, but not crammed to the max.


Rebecca H. said...

Wow -- impressive!

Unknown said...

I used to also put books in the dining room, the hall, the loo, the car, heehee.

darkorpheus said...

And what in hell make you put books in the bathroom? My god.