Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Glimpses of My Room Now

Remember this picture from December 2007? Here's the updated version:

Date: 2nd September 2008

Location: My room.

Where once stood the looming bookshelves of doom, now there is a wide blue space:

More blue space:

A wall of 34 boxes - and my backpack in the right foreground:

Meet Herodotus. He's the little guy in the green jacket. You will be seeing more of him soon:

Really - who wouldn't want his picture taken with Angelina Jolie? ;)


Doc Martian said...


Anonymous said...

I love that you call your bear Herodotus!

darkorpheus said...

Doc - :)

Stefanie - He's going to be a well-travelled bear, so I thought it was appropriate. (He's going to Dubai with me.)

We can call him "Hero" for short.