Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BOOKS | Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

[02/03/2010 ~ 09/03/2010]

Just had an urge to re-read Fight Club recently. I first read Fight Club many years ago - before the film with Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter and Edward Norton was even mentioned. I enjoyed its anarchic energy. It was the kind of book that appealed to the anarchist within me, someone who is more than a little embittered by a consumerism culture, yet so trapped within it that we appreciate anyone who imagines a way out.

I guess I am now back to that stage of my life where I find my existence has become stagnant and demanding change. To destroy everything around me so that I can make it into something better.

Our reading lists are rarely as innocent as we think they are.

PS: As you can probably tell - I am desperately trying to get back to reading and blogging about books. Trying.


Ana S. said...

Keeping all my fingers crossed that the attempt is successful!

AMH said...

What Nymeth said. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Hi, welcome back, good to see you around. Recently I have also start to re-read some books. I’ve got Fight Club and I enjoyed the book/movie and love love the quotes from the book/movie. Some of the quotes stick on for awhile in my mind. At some point, I believe the old self died so that the new self can be reborn. I know it will be scary, the period of stagnant and feeling ‘dead’, somehow sometimes things get worse before it turn better. I wish you well and am sure that you will do fine. Sometimes if we don’t know where we are heading, how about just do what you like and eventually you will get there. Am sure you will be alright. Happy thoughts Quietletters.