Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 | Never

I don't have very much to say today, but I feel the need to say something.

Exactly one year ago, my friend Bunny passed away. She was 33 years old, never made it to 34. She was kind, absent-minded and always late for appointments. She died of a stroke one day, without warning. When she passed away, it made me think a little about life, and how much it means to live and to love someone.

The last thing Bunny and I said to each other was: "We must meet up again." I went to Dubai for work a few weeks later, and we never met up when I came home. Then she passed away.

I'm just a little contemplative today.

You never know when you might lose someone. Never let the last thing you say to someone be words you will regret.

The last words I said to TB were not nice. I can't take them back, and I am doubtful that we will ever meet again. Leave it. That's all I can do.

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