Friday, February 03, 2006

BOOKS: Graham Greene Reading List

What?! Another list? Yes, I have lots of them, usually in my head somewhere. From time to time I actually take the trouble of typing them out.

As WW once said, geeks make lists. And I have the T-shirt that declares my geekness. You might have seen it. It's blue.

I have a desire to read ALL the Graham Greene novels, and some of his non-fiction works. For those interested in Greene biography , I recommend Greene on Capri, a memoir of a sort by his friend Shirley Hazzard. Otherwise, there's always Norman Sherry's extensive Life of Graham Greene. it's 3 volumes in all.

Graham Greene Books To read

  1. The Man Within
  2. It's a Battlefield
  3. A Gun For Sale
  4. The Confidential Agent
  5. The Ministry of Fear
  6. The End of the Affair [Done]
  7. The Quiet American
  8. The Tenth Man
  9. A Burnt-Out Case
  10. Travels With My Aunt
  11. Dr Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Part
  12. Stamboul Train
  13. England Made Me
  14. Brighton Rock [Done]
  15. The Power and the Glory
  16. The Heart of the Matter
  17. The Fallen Idol
  18. Loser Takes All
  19. Our Man in Havana
  20. The Honorary Consul
  21. The Comedians
  22. The Human Factor
  23. Monsignor Quixote
  24. The Captain and the Enemy
  25. A Sort of Life
  26. Ways of Escape

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