Tuesday, February 14, 2006

NEWS: The Compact

From San Francisco Chronicle

About 50 teachers, engineers, executives and other professionals in the Bay Area have made a vow to not buy anything new in 2006 -- except food, health and safety items and underwear.
"We're people for whom recycling is no longer enough," said one of the members of the fledgling movement, John Perry, who works in marketing at a high-tech company. "We're trying to get off the first-market consumerism grid, because consumer culture is destroying the world."

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Ah Leng said...

Sanitary pads how? They are not food, not health, not safety, neither do they qualify as underwear.

But you certainly cannot use used pads.

Dark Orpheus said...

I WOULD definitely classify them as HEALTH products. Unless they use towels like the old days...need to handwash.

And detergents, soap, shampoo?

I am intrigued enough by this to want to try for three months. See how it goes.

Ah Leng said...

So is classification subjective? Then Condoms are also for health reasons, no?

Dark Orpheus said...

Condoms for safety reason lah! ;p

Ah Leng said...

Porn mags leh? Also health lah, so that wun get repressed. And can also be for safety, to give people a wanking outlet so that they dun go around groping other folks.

Dark Orpheus said...

Actually, a lot of repressed people read porn mags. So, it does not help sexual repression.