Monday, February 06, 2006

WINTERSON: Books That Don't Need To Be Books

Taken from Times Online
By Jeanette Winterson
February 04, 2006

'Let's stop publishing books that don't really need to be books'

Yes, she often rants, but she also has some pretty strong ideas that make sense. Winterson's recent comment on what should be in the future of books:
"First, we stop publishing books that needn’t be books. People who don’t really read don’t really need books — so let them have Jordan and Becks in lots of other ways. Audio, animated-audio, that is, audio with pictures — is just about right for most celebrity publications. Before you think that I have gone mad, remember that Susan Greenfield, who knows a thing or two, has speculated that in the future people won’t need to be able to read or write.
"Academic papers could also easily be stored as digital downloads. Most PhD theses will never be read, and that is probably no loss."

I so agree. If I have to order another football player's memoir...or Paris Hilton...

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