Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Remember the music?

It's midnight and I was getting a little nostalgic. Went on YouTube and dug out some of the old favourites.

Remember "Joey" by Concrete Blonde?

Linda Perry's still around, but mainly as a music producer these days. Her solo singing career never really took off. What a shame. I love the 4 Non Blondes way back then. Here's the music video for "What's Up". From YouTube.


Quietletters said...

Hi, thank you for sharing. I have been searching for Joey for a very long long time. The song just keeps ringing my head but I forgot who is the singer. Definitely a nostalgic moment.

Anonymous said...

*Laughs* So I'm not the only one. I remember when the radio used to keep playing "Joey".

Now the question: What happened to them?