Saturday, January 06, 2007

Books Accounting for 2006

Since I have some time tonight, I'm going to do a little (not too much) accounting of my reading for 2006.

Idea stolen from Dorothy W. Thanks. ;)

Graphic Novel, Comics & Manga Read: 44

(Not Including Comics & Manga) Books Read: 89
Books In Translation: 25
Italian: 3
Japanese: 2
Spanish: 4
Latin: 2
Russian: 3
French: 7
German: 3
Turkish: 1
Non-fiction Read: 25
Travelogues Read: 9
Poetry Related: 6
Authors That I Read More Than 1 Title: 12
Marcel Proust,
Alessandro Baricco,
George R. R. Martin,
Laurie R. King,
Graham Greene,
Patrick O'Brian,
A. M. Homes,
Orhan Pamuk,
Terry Pratchett,
Philip Pullman,
Jane Hirshfield,
Mary Oliver

Thanks to Proust, I seem to have read a little more French books in translation, and a little more Spanish. Will have to add more translated works into the mix for 2007. Will add more Turkish definitely.

Need to read more Russian!

Oddly, there's only 9 travelogues, considering how I enjoy them.

Still, 25 Non-Fiction out of 133 (including comics) titles seems unbalanced.


Rebecca H. said...

Interesting. I read a lot (relatively speaking) of books translated from French -- thanks to Proust and Colette and George Sand.

darkorpheus said...

I think it's mainly because the French literary culture has a stronger infiltration into American/European cultures. More French literature has been translated into English, than say, Chinese or Turkish.

We read more French translations because they are more readily available.