Friday, February 16, 2007

Pacemaker May Explode During Cremation

We were at the crematorium this morning for my grandmother's cremation. I couldn't help but catch a note posted on the notice board inside:

Pacemaker may explode during cremation

My mind went: "Wooooh. Boom."

That was disrespectful, right? Not the right thought, right? Bad brain. Bad, bad, brain.

But you had to be there. It was funny.


Heather said...

Sorry about your grandmother but I'm sure my mind would have pondered over that one too. Weird how it said Explore and not Explode - like it would jump out on its own and strike off into the great wide world with all its worldly belongings bunched into a kerchief and tied to a stick.

darkorpheus said...

AH! "Explore" is my typo! Going to change it now. I really MUST spellcheck better.

Thanks Heather, I'm so embarrassed. But I'll live ;P

Thank you for your concern about my grandmother. Oddly, life really is moving on. We're now in the midst of preparing for Chinese New Year. Humans are very adaptable creatures.