Monday, February 12, 2007

WTF | Anna Nicole Smith?

Call me unsympathetic - but why is the world in mourning for Anna Nicole Smith? It's not like she's Gandhi (or even Princess Diana).

There was even an article with the headline: "Chasing the American Dream: Anna Nicole Smith".

Now, is it the American Dream to become a Playboy Playmate with surgically enhanced breasts and an unfortunate drug habit?


Unknown said...

In a warped way, maybe that is the Western dream, for some people at least.

Fame (Infamy), Big Tits, an obscenely rich husband (best served dead).

darkorpheus said...

But she hardly got the inheritance she expected. 12 years battle against the late husband's son over the old man's fortune.

But my objection is the amount of media coverage on it. A lot of people who made greater contributions to the world gets maybe a 100 word obituary?

Yes, she died. She's a really sad woman and she died. But really, what did she actually do for the world? Does the media have nothing more important to write about? WTF

Unknown said...

It just makes good tabloid fodder that people practically lap up.

The men who have come up claiming ownership of her little baby sure as hell ain't for the love for the child. More like the attraction of potential millions of dollars. Pricks.

Imani said...

I wondered the same thing and haven't read a single one of those articles. The fawning is ridiculous.

pinochiette said...

Keep feeding the masses rubbish and they will keep eating it. We've got to keep fighting against the system and raise the intellectual bar a bit higher. I like your blog - it's always wonderful to read intelligent bookish blogs on the internet instead of the usual rubbish.