Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Vader Project

Carl V. did a series of posts on the Star Wars Anniversary recently. It brought back fond memories of growing up with Star Wars. From the beginning, I have adored Darth Vader. The whiny Anakin Skywalker in the prequels however, put the grandeur of my Lord Vader to shame.

In celebration of the glory of my Lord Vader, I present, The Vader Project. Ta-DAHH!

The Vader Project, to debut at Star Wars Celebration IV on May 24 to 28 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, features 75 artists that customize Darth Vader helmets in landmark gallery exhibition for Star Wars Celebration IV.

Imagine, a room full of Vader helmets. It is art. And I like!

See the Star story here.

Heads on sticks. Ha-hah!

Vader gone glam-punk. One of my favourite.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Those are great! In that one pic they look like giant Pez dispensers. What a fun idea. I wish so badly I was at celebration IV right now!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh now that is awesome. Pure, unadulterated awesome.

darkorpheus said...

OMG, they do look like Pez dispensers.

Who comes up with these ideas?