Friday, December 14, 2007

BOOKS | 2007 Readings In Review

[As of 14th December 2007]

Books Bought from 19 Dec 2006~ 13 Dec 2007
129 (That explains so much about the state of my bookshelves)

Books Bought from 19 Dec 2006~ 13 Dec 2007 Actually Read
36 (I would like to say I make good use of the library, but this is still pretty bad.)

Books Completed in 2007
51 (Not including comics or manga, because those I usually finish within the same day)

Authors Whom I Read Multiple Titles
5 (With 3 titles each from W. Somerset Maugham, Robertson Davies & M.F.K. Fisher)

Authors I Am Reading For the First Time

Books Re-read
1 - A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare (Heh. This deserves to be looked into)

Non-Fiction Titles Read

Authors Outside of USA and the UK
Greek – 1 (Euripides counts, yes?)
Polish – 1
Chinese – 2
Australian – 1
Canadian – 2
Russian – 2
Italian - 1
(That makes it 10 non-USA or UK authors, which I think is pretty bad.)

100 Books To Read 2007
24 out of 100 (I finished 44 titles for 100 Books to Read 2006. This year I allowed myself to stray from the list a lot more. Maybe I should try to stay more focused in 2008)

My Best Read of 2007
The Rebel Angels by Robertson Davies. Without a doubt.


chrisa511 said...

I've been thinking about doing my 2007 in review post soon too. I know the holidays are going to be chaos and I don't know how much more reading I'm going to get done!

I'd say 129 books isn't as bad as it could be :p And it's really good that you read 36 of them! That's a pretty high percentage. I know I haven't read that high of a percentage of the books I bought this year.

I'm going to try to find a copy of The Rebel Angels to read. I looked it up on Amazon and it sounds great, but it looks like it's out of print here :( Maybe the library will have it!

Ana S. said...

What a nice 2007 review! Mind if I steal the questions at some point in the next few weeks?

darkorpheus said...

Chris You might like to try looking for "The Cornish Trilogy" instead. The Cornish trilogy is definitely still in print with Penguin - but maybe not all bookstores stock Robertson Davies.

Is it because he's Canadian? ;p

"Rebel Angels" is the first book in the trilogy, and the trilogy has many shared characters through out the 3 books. Each book focus on different, but somewhat related themes of Art, of Knowledge and Learning -- and there is a subtle Arthurian theme in each of the 3 books - especially the last volume.

Nymeth Sure you can! Please go ahead. I'm very interested to read your year-end review of your own reading.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Nah, straying is what makes the act of reading fun and spontaneous! ;)

I love end of the year round up posts, especially regarding reading. The categories you use are some I haven't seen elsewhere, so this is really fun. I may try to see if I can figure out how many books I've purchased this year and how many of those I've read. Hmmm....

I'm on pace to hit close to 50. I think I am at 48 right now. Of course I count art books as not only do I spend alot of time looking at them the first time, I go back to them throughout the year and invest the same amount or more time than a regular read. I also count graphic novels. I don't count individual comics or magazines.

darkorpheus said...

Carl I left out yoga guide books and cookbooks - because they are not books I read from start to end like novels -- kind of like art books that you will go back to anytime you want.

I'm curious - do you think you read a good percentage of the books you bought this year?

Danielle said...

I always enjoy looking at these sorts of lists. I have to say I don't think I'll share (though haven't kept track really) of how many books I bought this year and how many of them I've read. That could be scary.

Imani said...

Yeah, I'd agree with Chris, I rarely read much of the books I buy within a year of purchase unless they're quick genre reads (and I'm in the mood for them).

I think I'm going to steal this format for my own Year in Review post.

I've got to get me some Davies.

Melwyk said...

Really interesting categories in this post. I might use some of your organizational skill for my own end-of-year post, soon. Except I have no idea how many books I bought this year. Really, no idea. I'm impressed you can keep track!

darkorpheus said...

Danielle Yeah, I know what you mean about how scary it can be actually sit down and look at the figures -- how many bought, how many actually read. It was daunting when I did the math. ;p

It tells me I should buy less books, but as if that's going to happen!

Imani Oh yes, I do so recommend this grand sage of letters. More people should read Robertson Davies.

Melanie I only kept track of my purchases last year. To be honest, I was surprised at the figure myself - and I think I was actually trying to keep the number down.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Looks like I hit around 40% of the books I purchased that I read, which was much, much better than I had anticipated.

When I read art books I pour over them, cover to cover and often do so several times so that is why I count them as books read. If I didn't do the cover to cover thing I wouldn't count them.

I was surprised because you counting books purchased caused me to do the same and I didn't realize just how many I bought this year!