Monday, December 10, 2007

seven random and/or weird things meme

I've been busy this December, trying to show up for daily yoga classes and trying to meet up with old friends for dinner -- because I am usually so lousy at staying in touch the rest of the year ;p

Let's just do a pooterish meme today, shall we?

If I understand the rules correctly, I just list 7 random or weird things about myself? Cool.

1) The Most Astonishing Thing I Have Ever Seen? My Naked Face in the Mirror. It's not that I'm narcissistic. Really.

I started wearing glasses when I was 10 years old; my eyesight is so bad that I have to put my face several inches away from the mirror to see my face clearly without glasses.

Then one day I switched to contact lenses. I went into a public restroom and I caught my own reflection in the mirror. For a second I did not recognise my own face without glasses. I haven't really seen my own naked face properly for many years because of my eyesight. It was the most astonishing sight.

2) I Look Like A Vampire On Photos. I have very fair complexion that tends to show up somewhat luminescent on photos. That, complimented by my black hair and a penchant for black clothes, I always end up looking like a vampire.

3) I Do Not Step Out of the House Without Showering/Bathing. Really. If proper shower facilities are available, I am psychologically incapable of leaving the house without a shower. Even when I'm late for work I still take time to shower before I step out of the house.

I think the world is a better place with me well-scrubbed and properly deodorised.

4) I Am Scared of Pink. If a lady in pink is walking towards me on the streets, I would actually move to the side to avoid her. Pink is a colour I associate with bad tasting medicine and vomit. Not sure why.

And Dolores Umbridge is EVIL.

5) I HATE Chihuahuas. One of my ex, The Aquarius, had a nasty Chihuahua named Playboy, that used to bark at me EVERY TIME I visit. I hated that sorry excuse for a canine. I think toy dogs like Playboy suffer from low self-esteem and too much inbreeding. Why are their eyes so BIG when their bodies and heads are so small?

That said, my favourite dog is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Just looking at pictures of healthy Welsh Corgis makes me happy. Beagles, Jack Russells and Golden Retrievers are also excellent dogs.

6) If You Feed Me, I'll Do Your Dishes. I'm better brought up than I allow people to believe. Growing up, my mother taught us to help wash up after meals -- especially if we're at someone else's place. It's so programmed into my system that I would feel uncomfortable if the host doesn't allow me to help with the dishes. Once, my friend WW invited a whole bunch of us to her place for dinner, I ended up doing the dishes for everyone.

So, feed me. I'll wash up for you. Gladly.

7) I Celebrated My 30th Birthday By Asking Someone Out For A Date. It's embarrassing now that I think about it. Several years ago, I had a major crush on G, who was dating my friend at that time. I tried to play it cool by acting aloof and even unfriendly towards G. When G and my friend broke up, we lost touch.

Then several weeks before my 30th birthday I ran into G. We exchanged phone numbers, and later I invited G to watch Russian Dolls -- a movie about turning 30, and not being ready to grow up just yet.

Nothing came out of it, and we haven't spoken to each other for a year now. But I was glad I finally asked G out after all these years. Even if it was in a moment of desperate panic about turning 30. ;p


jpderosnay said...

i love your 7 random things!! :D

i'm totally with you on the chihuahuas thing. i hate all small dogs. for me they're ... this is going to sound harsh, but, canine gene trash. really. they're dogs that didn't quite become dogs. dogs that are wrong. if god was a scientist then they're his failings and somehow they escaped and now people have them as pets. and they're jealous and always nasty and horrid to everyone but their owners - and then not even them sometimes.

and their breath stinks.

and that harry potter woman is indeed evil!

and its cool that you look like a vampire!

and that you can now see your face! :D

Andi said...

I don't feel quite that strongly about pink, but almost!

Stefanie said...

The chihuahuas made me laugh. My parent's next door neighbor has one named Taco. Yippiest thing ever. And I am not fond of pink, but I don't think it goes quite as deep as you. If you are ever in Minneapolis, come on over for dinner! :)

Doc Martian said...

saw this and thought of you.

darkorpheus said...

Jean Pierre Yeah, what is it with the small dogs? They look stunted and freakish. Why do so many people love them? Like Paris Hilton. Or maybe that explains a lot.

I once sat at a meeting where the guy next to me obviously did not bath in the morning. Oh God. Someone please remove my sense of smell!

The fact that I look like a vampire on photos is the main reason why I hate taking photos of myself.

But at least I AM showing up on photos and reflection. Otherwise I would really be a vampire. ;p

Andi I have no idea how I come to dislike that colour so much. Something traumatised me very badly. Probably something in a pink feather boa.

Stefanie Taco? And yet, still a better name than "Playboy"! And yes - the yipping! They just yip yip yip yip yip yip yip!

Which do I dislike more? Chihuahuas or pink? I'm thinking Chihuahuas.

Certainly. I don't mind doing the dishes. But remember what they say about inviting a vampire into your home?

FEED ME! >:[

Doc Martian It's in French? How much would something like that cost?

purplefugue said...

I don't mind pink but I so agree Dolores Umbridge is evil. I she caused a spike in my blood pressure in that HP book and movie.

I'm so with you on the small dogs thing. I love animals but will never be able to totally fall in love with chihuahua, pom, peke etc. I love, LOVE Golden Retrievers and Labs.

I HAVE to shower just before I sleep. I have get all clean before I get into bed. If I do anything like laundry between shower and bed, well...I'll shower again. Otherwise I'll have an utterly miserable night. :-P

Iliana said...

I like dogs but chihuahuas are probably on the bottom of the list. Too yippy.
And, I promise that if we ever meet I won't wear pink! I tend to wear it a lot :)

Carl V. Anderson said...

That is one of the most fun random things lists I've read.

I prefer to take showers daily, sometimes more than once if the need arises. However I have to say that due to weather being less than stellar for out of the house adventures, I spent the entire weekend NOT showering. That means I showered Friday morning before work and didn't do it again until Monday morning! Oh the horror! I had great fun letting the whiskers grow and playing Mountain Man!

darkorpheus said...

Carl AHHH! And Mary is totally fine with it??!!

Doc Martian said...

said $75 on the ad. i wouldn't pay that much... it sure seems swellegant though... things like that are hit or miss... if you can do without it... do... if you can't? there isn't a big market in palm springs for that kinda stuff so you might be able to get away with a lower offer.

my next purchase? i'm gunna drive 100 miles to mexico and buy up about 7 pints of mezcal. that should last me well into the summer.