Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm utterly besotted with Nellie McKay.

Ever since I chanced upon the video of her performance for TED a few days ago, she became a singer I had to follow.

Yes, she is pretty, with her cutesy white-blonde hair and charming smile. Yes, she sings a mighty jaunty tune. Nellie McKay is everything sugar and spice - but she is not always nice. (Or maybe she is) She is also a musician with an uncompromising streak who fell out with a major record label because they wouldn't let her do her album the way she wants. Beneath that adorable face, this girl has backbones.

Nellie McKay's style is whimsy, playful and a little naughty. Watch her on this video, with her ukulele performing "Mother of Pearl" - the Sarah Palin version.

Feminists don't have a sense of humor
Feminists just want to be alone (boo-hoo-hoo-hoo)
Feminists spread vicious lies and rumor
They have a tumor on their funny bone

They say child molestation isn't funny (hahahahaha)
Rape and degradation's just a crime (lighten up, ladies)
Rampant prostitution, sex for money (what's wrong with that)
Can't these chicks do anything but whine

Dance break
(Take it off)

They say cheap objectification isn't witty (it's hot)
Equal work and wages worth the fight (sing us a new one)
On demand abortion, every city (okay, but no gun control)
Won't these women ever get a life

Feminists don't have a sense of humor (poor Hilary)
Feminists and vegetarians (Make mine a Big Mac)
Feminists spread vicious lies and rumor
They're far too sensitive to ever be a ham
That's why these feminists just need to find a man

I'm Sarah Palin, and I approve of this message

Nellie McKay on myspace

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I loved this!