Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bits from Paper Towns

Margo's list:

3 whole Catfish, Wrapped separately

Veet (It's for Shaving your legs only you don't Need A razor

It's with all the Girly cosmetic stuff)


six-pack, Mountain Dew

One dozen Tulips

one Bottle of water


one Can of blue Spray paint

"Interesting capitalization," I said.

"Yeah. I'm a big believer in random capitalization. The rules of capitalization are so unfair to words in the middle."

From Paper Towns, by John Green

I smiled when I read this bit.


Ana S. said...

There's a song! Have you heard the song? :D

darkorpheus said...

I didn't know about it. Thank you for telling me.

I just laughed when Hank held that note reaaaaalllllly long.

Ana S. said...

Those two are seriously awesome. I'm really glad you're enjoying the book! As you might have been able to tell by now, I have a huge brain crush on John Green :P

chrisa511 said...

:D :D :D I'm so happy to see that you're reading this and enjoying it!!! And I loved that part :)

Bybee said...

Waiting for this to pop up in Korea...