Monday, March 16, 2009

My Flickr Records of London Trip Feb/March 2009

Just a note: I will not be updating my pictures to flickr for a while. Just found out my internet service provider has blocked my access to I am distressed by this, because I have only just signed up for a paid account to flickr and now this.

Here's some of the pictures from my recent London trip. I wish there's more - but most of the time I'm busy looking instead of keeping records.

Trying to stay in the moment, yeah? :) But no worries - there's always a chance for a second trip.


Yogamum said...

This is the blogger formerly known as Yogamum, just letting you know that I am blogging over at a new place ( under a new "secret" identity...

Ana S. said...

Gah, sorry about the blockage :S That's so annoying.

I really like your pictures. We took many similar ones at the British Museums! Same pieces and same angles.

Heather said...

BLOCKED?!?!? Bummer!

I know what you mean about not taking pictures and being to busy living the moments - this happened to me at my brother's wedding. I didn't get nearly enough good pictures.