Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Little Stranger

One of the titles that I am looking forward to for 2009 is Sarah Waters's The Little Stranger. I love how she manages these historical pastiche so well.

The publisher website has just made part of the first chapter available for preview.



Ana S. said...

A week ago I'd have reacted to this news with mild interest. Now though? Want! WANT! Must read all she's written!

darkorpheus said...

LOL! Have you finished Fingersmith yet? :)

Have you tried Affinity? The ending affected me so much that after I finished the book, my heart was still aching.

Doc Martian said...


The Complete Theodore Sturgeon Short Stories! 12 vol.

If you don't know Sturgeon. Click to 'The Perfect Host' vol. 5 and read the sampled pages of the story 'Quietly'. Theodore Sturgeon is one of the few authors that can literally bring tears of sorrow, joy and laughter to my eyes, many times within one story.

Anonymous said...

this looks mighty tasty. a nice and rich ghost story! :D

Stefanie said...

Love the cover!

Gentle Reader said...

I have Fingersmith on my shelf. I have got to get to it! Then I can justify getting this one :)

darkorpheus said...

JP - I love the way she explores the old stuff - and now she's doing the haunted house story (I guess). Love it!

Stefanie - It's minimalist, I guess. At least there isn't a picture of a woman on it. Or a flower. Or a fruit. :)

GentleReader - Oh, it is very good. The twists - will not spoil it for you - but I had to put the book down to recover myself.