Thursday, January 12, 2006

Books: Onwards Deptford Trilogy

I am glad to have finished the first book of The Deptford Trilogy - Fifth Business. The denouement was nicely staged, and it was worth the effort. So, thanks to WW for the not-so-subtle recommendation.

So here I am, working my way to the finale of the second book, The Manticore, which certainly took its time with a lot of Jungian blah blah blah. Compared to Fifth Business, The Manticore felt light-weight. In fact, The Manticore feels like a bun sandwiched between two beef patties (of course I'm assuming World of Wonders is beef patty, and not more bun...)

The next Robertson Davies I am considering is The Cornish Trilogy - but I shall attempt restraint at this point in time. Roberston Davies was a Romantic, and quite a cheeky bugger.

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