Friday, September 08, 2006

POEM | Optimism


More and more I have come to admire resilience.
Not the simple resistance of a pillow, whose foam returns over and over to the same shape, but the sinuous tenacity of a tree: finding the light newly blocked on one side,
it turns in another.
A blind intelligence, true.
But out of such persistence arose turtles, rivers, mitochondria, figs--all this resinous, unretractable earth.

~ Jane Hirshfield


Rebecca H. said...

I love Hirschfield and I love that poem! I recently finished her book Given Sugar, Given Salt, and I thought it was great.

darkorpheus said...

I've enjoyed "Given Sugar, Given Salt" too. Mine was a library copy, and I did not want to return it so soon. Now I have to go buy myself a copy.

I came across recommendations that people who enjoy Mary Oliver might like to pick up Jane Hirshfield. I did, and I'm glad for it.