Monday, November 26, 2007

Just Uploaded my Hanoi Photos

On flickr


chrisa511 said...

I just finished looking at all of your photos and they are amazing! Not to sound too ignorant, but I had no idea that Hanoi was that beautiful! The sunset over the water and over the mountain peaks was beautiful. And I love the pagoda. Great pics!

Ana S. said...

Such amazing pictures! I'm with Chris...I had no idea Hanoi was that beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Hanoi is very beautiful. That cave was pretty cool, looks kind of like the Carlsbad Caverns in the US

Carl V. Anderson said...

Amazing! You've got a great eye.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beauti-ful-- Hanoi! I love the panoramic photo of Halong Bay, and I can sait at the cafe all day reading. :)

darkorpheus said...

Firstly, thanks everyone -- but I'm really an indifferent photographer at best. The scenery at Halong Bay is such that ANY random shots will turn out well. It's just a natural scenic wonder.

And the pictures don't do real justice to the place. You have to be there, to take in the entire horizon.

If you have the opportunity -- go to Halong Bay, stay for as long as you can. It is worth it. (I swear I do not work for the Vietnamese Tourism Board)

Chris & Nymeth -- I'm actually like you guys. I thought I had "seen" Hanoi, but friends told me I had to go see Halong Bay. I didn't know what to expect -- and now I wished I had stayed longer.

Stefanie -- I had lots of the cave pictures -- but I decided to just upload 2.

Hanoi IS beautiful, but I did not include some of the not so pretty bits. I had a guy flashed his penis at me on the streets of Hanoi. That's a part of the city I didn't need to see. ;p

Carl -- Thanks -- but the best view is from the kayaking -- where I didn't have my camera (it wasn't water-proof). You kayak through grottoes and you come up close to the edge of the islands and watch the eagles circling over you.

Matt -- Oh yes! That's what I did -- the day-long readings at the cafe. My friends were surprised, but I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

So much beauty! Those pictures from the tower are incredible. So what is up there? Is it just a look out point?
In my mind I always assume Hanoi is crowded but with this pics I'm imagining a whole other world. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

indifferent photographer... hmmm...! a lot of those photos look like they could've been in a travel magazine!

hanoi looks beautiful. it must have been a very uplifting trip.