Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Domineering Sun Sign Takes Charge Of the Planning

Our earlier attempt to organise dinner with the ex-classmates was a disaster. Too many cooks at the broth, as they say. Meanwhile, Ted the Tart tartly remarked: No one from the class should organise his funeral.

What make you think we will be at your funeral, I thought.

Okay, that was catty. I will be there. If nothing else, I will be there for the alcohol. Ted the Tart will be the sort to have free flow at his funeral. It will also be a colour-coordinated affair. With Kylie Minogue playing in the background.

I decided we need another approach to organisation. Our problem was we tried to be too democratic. Every time we made a plan, someone will throw in another suggestion which will over-write prior plans. And some people are obviously not listening and just insisting on their own preferences. Decision by council doesn't work if everyone has different ideas, are unable to compromise, and no one wants to exercise the power of veto. We need a headman for this unruly tribal council.

Guess who's the bossiest Sun sign in the group? Hint: It's a Ram.

I wanted this to be democratic. I also want it settled by this weekend. Aries is not a patient Sun sign and inefficiency gets on my nerves. To achieve this, I narrowed the options down to four choices, for everybody's vote. This much I have learned from our political leaders: restrict the people's choices and they become manageable. The people are happier because they have the illusion of choice -- rarely do they realise that the game has been rigged before they even started.

Thankfully, my dictatorial reign will be a brief one.

This means I get to throw out the lame-brained suggestions, like:

a) skipping dinner and getting drunk instead (we have a pious Muslim in our group, you idiot!)
b) a seafood buffet restaurant (yes, fish are meat too!)

Let's see what we end up with. If they still can't decide when things have been simplified for them, I'm doing the Pontius Pilate and washing my hands off this!


Anonymous said...

What a good ram you are. And a very astute politician :)

Doc Martian said...

hee hee hee, why am i not surprised you're an aries. so'm i.


darkorpheus said...

Stefanie Haha! Thank you. I will use my powers for good not evil.

Doc Martian You're Aries too? Cool. :)

Ana S. said...

Good luck with your brief career as a dictator :P I hope you can come up with a plan that works for everyone!

darkorpheus said...

Nymeth One of my friends called it "taking the bull by the horns". Hee.

Let's see if we can make it work. *sigh* It seems so much easier if someone could just get married and we just show up.