Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Do NaNoWriMo

Chris mentioned on his blog that he's going to participate in this year's National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). The goal is to write a 50,000-word novel by midnight, local time, on November 30th. The challenge starts 1st November, and I am psyched.

Psyched? Why? Because I have decided to join Chris in this reckless endeavour! Yay us! Who cares about stuff like editing when you can just typetypetypetype the novel you have always dreamt of writing. They say everyone has a story to tell, and this is the chance to just unleash that story inside you. JUST DO IT!

But we're allowed to plan or outline the story before we actually write the thing 1st November.

What should I write?

A melodramatic tale of rock-star vampires?

A tale full of existentialist angst, torrid love affairs, complicated love triangles and spiritual redemption?

Yet another Gabriel Knight fan fiction?

A futuristic occult thriller?

A sugary chick-lit with a lesbian twist?

A sword and sorcery tale about an axe-wielding warrior-woman and her snarky mage companion. Both of them guarding a young child who is the reincarnation of a goddess?

The possibilities are endless!

PS: While the possibilities are endless, knowing me, at least one of the character will eventually end up as a vampire, a werewolf, or dead.


Anonymous said...

I vote for the rock star vampire - I'll read that :)
I tried NaNo once and stalled at like 2,000 words. How sad is that! ha,ha.. Good luck. You'll have a blast.

Carl V. Anderson said...

I say throw them all in the blender and see what you come up with!!! :)

Congrats on taking on this endeavor. I look forward to your reports on the experience.

Rebecca H. said...

Very cool! I agree with Iliana -- the rock star vampire!

chrisa511 said...

I'm going for the tale full of existentialist angst, torrid love affairs, complicated love triangles and spiritual redemption...just because this sounds much more like my cup of tea :D Throw in a vampire in the mix and I'm hooked!

I'm so glad you're doing this too. Now you can tell me not to quit when I'm trying to pull out on the 4th day!

I really recommend the No Plot? No Problem! book by Chris Baty...great preparation for NaNoWriMo and a fun read. Plus you can get an idea of what a 50,000 word book looks like because that book is almost exactly 50,000 words!

Ana S. said...

Good luck!

And I vote vampire too.

Anonymous said...

I like the futuristic occult thriller. I did Nanowrimo several years back. Went with the sugary chick-lit with a lesbian and vegetarian twist. The result was total crap but it was a heck of a lot fun.

darkorpheus said...

iliana - how long did it get you to do the 2,000 words? And you want to try again? Like, this November? *grin*

Carl - Hee. I was think along the throw it all together line too. The fun thing is, the fact it's okay to suck (oh, another PG rating!) - is part of the fun!

Dorothy - The rock star vampires seems to be popular. Hmm. I'm think we can add the torrid love affair with spiritual redemption bit too.

Chris - I will be your cheerleader, and you can laugh at how crappy my novel is. Together (in different countries, with different time zones) we will writing our 50,000 words novel of staggering genius!

Nymeth - Yet another vote for the vamps! *LOL* Thanks!

Stefanie - OMG: "Went with the sugary chick-lit with a lesbian and vegetarian twist" - okay, this is something I really would like to know more about. Would you care to share? You are kickass cool!(does this qualify me for a R rating yet?)

DesLily said...

good luck in your venture!... I hope it doesn't take to big of a bite out of your reading time!!

darkorpheus said...

Deslily - *stunned for a moment* Oh. Yeah. That's that. And I still have a few reading challenges lined up. Oops.

Hell. I'm going for it anyway!