Friday, June 15, 2007

QUIZ | Which Peanuts Character Are You?

Found this via The Literate Kitten's. I have to admit, the result is a little close to home. I remember Rerun from the Peanuts comic strips, when he was always riding behind his mom on the bike. Look how he's grown. :)

Which Peanuts Character are You?

You are Rerun!
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Carl V. Anderson said...

I'm Schroeder...which I believe is what I was when I first took this loooong ago. Least I'm consistent. It is fairly accurate, at least about the way I am at times. I'm certainly not quiet, but I can often be quiet in social situations and just take it all in which makes that part of it a pretty spot-on description.

Lotus Reads said...

When I saw this was Peanuts I knew I just had to take the quiz..I was "Woodstock"...unique, loyal, original and always where the fun is, yep, that's me! :)

darkorpheus said...

Carl: Hmm, I always thought of you as an extrovert - and Schroeder, is not an extrovert. But there is obviously an observer in you, as you say. You're happy with the result? I would rather be Snoopy any day. :)

Lotus Reads Ah, Woodstock is so cute. I always loved Woodstock, that little yellow bird. I wonder if there's any Snoopy out there though? :)