Friday, September 28, 2007

Continental Hotel In Ho Chi Minh

A friend of mine just came back from Ho Chi Minh city and she posted some pictures. One of them is this of the Continental Hotel:

"Built in 1880 and located along Dong Khoi Street, the hotel forms an integral part of the city's history. It counts, among its distinguished guests, the novelist Graham Greene, and the hotel features in his book The Quiet American"

By the association with Graham Greene's The Quiet American, my friend has just made the Continental Hotel in Ho Chi Minh a place I visit before I die!


Anonymous said...

I've been curious about this place after I read The Quiet American. This hotel reminds me of the Author's Lounge in The Oriental Bangkok--where Maugham, Greene and other writers have left their footsteps.

Just imagine sitting inside and reliving their (literary) experience. :)

darkorpheus said...

Ah, I know what you mean. I want to just lounge there, with a cup of tea, watching people walking by. No where t go. Nothing to do. That just sounds like a corner of heaven right now.

Unknown said...

Can visit, cannot stay. Very expensive compared to all the other very decent rooms you can get for USD50 or less.

Unknown said...

Anyway did you watch the movie Indochine? I think it's catherine denevue? Part of it was filmed in a UNESCO Heritage hotel, formerly a rich man's house called Cheong Fatt Tze, located in Penang.

In case you're interested.

darkorpheus said...

Ah Leng The "indochine" film sounds familiar. Probably one of those old movies where Catherine Denevue was still young and hot, yes?

And I am a budget traveller. Would never think of staying there -- unless someone else is paying the bills. But it would be nice to have tea there.

Unknown said...

Yes yes, it's a long long ago show. I never watched it. I only knew about it when i visited Cheong Fatt Tze for the tour and the chap explained the history of the place in his slightly lilted american accent.