Thursday, September 20, 2007

Not Sure What to Think

Oh, come on -- as if a poster like this will make anyone turn vegetarian?

B+ for Effort, but a little misguided. Amusing, though.


Andi said...

She's just retaliating against all those tabloid a-holes who called her fat all these years. She was *never* fat.

Anonymous said...

Why does PETA always seem to have naked women in their ads? I wonder what their thinking is behind it? Because from my perspective it is rather bothersome and borders on objectification of women.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Being a fan of Alicia every since Clueless came out all I can say is Yowza!!! Forgive me for feeding into the whole objectification thing, but wow does she look good.

darkorpheus said...

Andi She -- fat? Hello? What does that make me? ;)

But then, it's not about being vegetarian, is it? It's about showing off her skinny ass. *eyebrows raised in disapproval*

Stefanie A friend told me a joke recently: "Be nice to animals. They're made of meat."

I'm cross-associating "meat" with this picture right now. Not in the vegetarian sense of the word though.

Carl Actually, what did she do since Clueless? Did I miss her entire career since that film? I loved that movie btw. It was so ditzsy.

I don't know about the pic though. She looks skinny (but I've seen worse, I suppose.) I feel like feeding her something.

Andi said...

Orpheus, that's what I said! My left leg is bigger than her.

darkorpheus said...

Andi Oops. Misunderstanding. I was agreeing with you in my last message. Just being bitchy in my rhetoric fashion. ;p

Good lord, these Hollywood girls. Eat something!

purplefugue said...

If it can get the message across and even make 10 people think about becoming vegetarian, then good job. In Asia, there'a one with Maggie Q (Mission Impossible 3) in a similar no clothes pose.

darkorpheus said...

Indigo I'm not so sure. There has to be more going on behind the choice to be vegetarian than a naked photo.

Now I'm curious about that Maggie Q photo.