Monday, October 08, 2007

Inspiring Awe - Tilda Swinton

The Times interviews Tilda Swinton.

Amidst the ocean of Hollywood banality the likes of Lindsay Lohan, there are still some interesting actresses who are talented, self-possessed and who take on roles for no reason other than the artistry of their craft. Among these women stands Tilda Swinton, who can make an in-take of a breath interesting.

She has played the adrogynous Orlando, the romantic lead against Ewan McGregor in Young Adam, the White Witch in Narnia -- she defied labels, boundaries -- male, female, frigid, erotic, cruel and kind -- she is all of it at different times; she is dauntless, intense and alien -- and so beautifully compelling because we do not understand her.

No offense to Keanu Reeves fans -- but Tilda Swinton's charismatic turn as the archangel Gabriel was the only reason I watched that Hollywood hack-job on Hellblazer -- the film otherwise known as Constantine. Snobbish, heartless and totally psycho, Swinton as Gabriel bursted on scene in white tights and bandages -- wings a-flying. I loved how she pinned Keanu Reeves down with her single bare foot, gloating, rhapsodizing about her grand plan to bring terror, to bring awe back into the world -- just so that we humans could learn to honour God once more.



Andi said...

I have a total girl-crush on her. She's brilliant.

darkorpheus said...

I love how she seems so untouched by the glitter that's Hollywood. She's always just doing her own thing -- performance art where she's lying in a glass tank, appearing at a Patti Smith concert -- or just playing the White Witch on Chronicles of Narnia. So self-assured.