Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Work Desk

We fill up the space with yet another picture of my work-desk. I was that bored at work last week. Yes.

Books from left - Ryszard Kapuscinski's The Shadow of the Sun, the Lonely Planet Blue List 2008 Edition, some titles from "The Art of Novella" series published by Melville House.

On the keyboard: My blue beanie teddy, a birthday present from some colleagues.

I have to explain why the teddy looks like this: Last Christmas I ate too much candy in the office and was on a sugar-high. I did a lot of stupid things like dressing up the blue beanie teddy: The bow-tie was a ribbon from a Christmas present, and the bell around his neck was originally from a chocolate Easter Bunny. (Yes, I dressed up my teddy on a sugar-high.) Oh, and the eye-patch was made with a rubber-band and some black Post-It notepaper.


Anonymous said...

Love the clean cut cover of the Art of Novella series. The work-desk definitely reflects your love for books. :)

Oh...thanks for the explanation...I almost have to ask which beanie baby it is! Nice job dressing him!

darkorpheus said...

I love the simple monochrone covers too. And the great thing about the Art of Novella series is that they are handy enough to carry around on a trip!

Oh, beanie teddy is much abused in the office.:)