Thursday, June 26, 2008

It Has Been An Intense Week

When was the last time I posted? I know, it's only been a few days, but these past few days feel pretty intense.

Since I released the news of my Dubai stint, friends have been calling for meet-ups. I understand the sentiments behind my friends wanting to meet up before I go. I was happy to oblige - until the reality of the situation hit me: my normally placid and spacious schedule has spun out of control. My evenings are now scheduled for back to back dinner dates . Yes, I feel loved. But I wish my friends could meet ALL TOGETHER instead of insisting on the one-on-one meetings which are more time consuming. And some friends insist I meet up with other friends whom I don't care about - just because! I have missed yoga class two weeks in a row! Somebody help me!

Okay, I admit: it's because I have never been a social creature to begin with. So when my social life goes into overdrive unexpectedly, my "Fight-or-Flight" instinct kicked in. It's a feeling not unlike Orpheus being torn to pieces by the raging Maenads.

A part of me now just wants to fly off to Dubai without telling anyone. Just to get away.


I haven't been able to read much either. I have returned all but one of my library books - Making of a Chef - because it is really interesting, and it's also very relevant to some of the ideas I have been exploring for my "Novel-In-Progress".

I've missed 'Fess Up Friday last week. I doubt I can find the time to write a 'Fess Up this Friday either.


Flickr and Facebook are apparently banned in Dubai. Oh god. What am I getting myself into with this overseas assignment? How do I keep in touch with my friends? Blogger is still allowed, right?



Nymeth said...

"It's a feeling not unlike Orpheus being torn to pieces by the raging Maenads."

I know.

Flickr and Facebook being banned is definitely not good news, but I'm sure there will still be ways for you to keep in touch. I really hope Blogger is allowed!

Dark Orpheus said...

Nymeth I sop hope Blogger is allowed. Can you imagine blog silence for a year? From me?

It's truly like prison!

Doc Martian said...



stefanie said...

Take a deep breath and remember the first commandment of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Don't Panic! Do you have your towel?

You are allowed to tell your friends no and have a quiet night alone. Don't forget to take care of yourself!

Dark Orpheus said...

Doc Hey! No gloating! :)

Stefanie I think I need more than A quiet night. I'm pretty much ready to go hide in a cave right now.


Ella said...

Facebook was unblocked recently...myspace and youtube are allowed but restricted (not very heavily). Blogger is fine! So is wordpress. Typepad goes in and out but that could be just my crappy computer. It's just Flickr being banned that gets annoying...I can't see any pictures on other people's sites.

Wait til you get that first THIS SITE IS NOT AGREEABLE TO THE MORAL AND CULTURAL VAULES OF THE UAE error message. If you're like me, you'll take a picture.

the duck thief said...

If your friends are willing, reschedule some of these one on ones as a big coffee meet up. That way can say goodbye to all of the people you want to as well as have some time to yourself.

I can understand your friends wanting private time with you to say goodbye but honestly your needs come first. Have them work around your schedule. You're the one moving.

Dark Orpheus said...

Blogger seems to have deleted my last reply. So it seems I am spamming my own blog? Heh.

Ella Ah, thanks. Guess my original plans to upload photos onto my Flickr account will have to be augmented.

Will probably set up another photo-intensive blog for the Dubai experience.

"Dark Orpheus Journeys into Dubai"
--I need a catchier blog name.

Thank goodness about Facebook. It will mean losing touch with close personal friends if it's banned.

I will definitely take a photo of that error message. :)

But I'm from Singapore, so I'm used to stupid censors anyway. ;p

duck thief A group of my friends and I were arranging to meet-up all together- but we all have different schedules.

And there are some friends I can't bear meeting one-on-one. A group thing diffuses the emotions, so there is less chances of teary confessions and breakdown.


A deep, dark cave sounds so good right now.

Bybee said...

Hmm...maybe I should rethink Dubai...

Anonymous said...

sounds like your friends both love you & want to prepare you by making you look forward to time in 'isolation'!

Anonymous said...

i had that feeling before, suddenly the social activities are driving me nuts and the circle expanded too fast too far. so i shut down and just stick to what i'm comfortable with. only slot in some activities if schedule permits. life is easier that way. do what's best and important for yourself. happy stuff. if these people are truly your friends, they will understand and respect your wishes. i think you need some times to do your own stuff before you go. perhaps try to streamline some activities to keep your mind sane. i am sure your friends mean well and really want to spend some times with you. you know best, who are the handful few which you really like to spend time with and which are the activites which you truly want to indulge in. have fun = ) quietletters

Doc Martian said...

for what its worth. there are posters from uae.


Dark Orpheus said...

Bybee :) Sounds scary, doesn't it?

Ovidia Yes, it's amazing sometimes to be reminded that people love me. I don't that that for granted, I hope. But sometimes I forget, or I get impatient.

Like right now. I know they love me, but I was never meant to be a social butterfly. This intense socialisation - it suffocates me.

I can do the isolation. I do it very well.

quietletters I'm taking your advice to heart. And these friends, especially my small group of ex-schoolmates are people I care about. I just need better scheduling. *breathe*

Doc But where's the interaction?

Doc Martian said...

i meant for pix. there's bound to be a blog in dubai SOMEWHERE.


btw. if you do have to change bloggins... please drop me a line at few smart ethical funny people out dere.

other possibilities would be forming a google group or a personal email mailing list. the last wouldn't take much work and would mean you could control discourse if you felt it threatening culturally.

Dark Orpheus said...

Doc If Blogger is allowed, I guess this blog is staying. So no worries.

Who knows? Rules might change when I'm there.