Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Question of the Week

They officially came back to me on the interview this morning.

They want me.


Now, the questions to consider: Do I want to move to Dubai for at least a year? I might have to be there by early August, so that's less than 2 months to pack up my life and go.

Do I want this? I have until this weekend to consider.


theduckthief said...

Dubai? As in The Dubai?


I'd say go for it. It might be a hassle to pack but think of the experience. Perhaps the question to ask yourself is would you regret not taking the job later?

darkorpheus said...

Duck Thief Oh yes, the Dubai of the United Arab Emirates.

The cost of living is pretty high over there though.

But I might regret not taking it up.

I did ask once: "What's in Dubai?"

Somebody told me: "Michael Jackson."

Bybee said...

I'd go, but that's me, not you.

Ana S. said...

Like the duck thief, sometimes what gives me the final push to do something is realizing I'd probably regret not having done it much more than I would regret having done it if it didn't go too well.

It doesn't sound like an easy decision to make, but I'm sure you'll choose what's best for you.

darkorpheus said...

Bybee And you are an adventuress for the choice you would make, :)

Nymeth That is true. How many years do we really have, being young?

I used to think I want to live a life without regrets. Except I'm only in my 30s, and I find that regrets are inevitable.

Will I regret not at least trying?

Anonymous said...

Hard decision. But like the others, I'd ask myself if I would regret not going. Also, think about why you want to go. What was so appealing about the job that you applied for it in the first place? If the thought of living in Dubai makes you heart sink then don't go. If you get a little thrill of excitement, then maybe going would be a good opportunity.

darkorpheus said...

Everyone is giving me very good advice here. Thank you, my friends.

Stefanie There is no sinking feeling. Just the anxieties about the unknown. And the thought that somehow I will be away from the "safety net" of my bosses.

Dubai means stepping out on my own. This is what I am really afraid of. What if I stumble? What if I don't do as well as I ought to?

Anonymous said...

hi, i feel that it is a wonderful opportunity. do give it some thoughts. remember your "kiwi experience" and how you feel about missing your trip? hey, something is happenening and coming at the right time. what have you got to lose? If you dont like it there, you can always come back. it is your choice. live. keep us posted. regardless your decision. i am happy for you = ) quietletters

darkorpheus said...

quietletters Hey, welcome back. You're been so quiet lately I was wondering what happened.

It's uncanny - but I was thinking about my non-sinister kiwi.

And of course, the Youtube video of the Flying Kiwi that I posted recently. :)

Carl V. Anderson said...

Wow, Dubai!?!? I do believe that is where one of my blog listers, Box of Books, is currently at. How exciting for you, I look forward to seeing what you choose to do! Adventures!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll say go for it if you have no baggage behind. A similar situation happened to me while I was interviewing in Hong Kong. I was offered a job that was to start in August but I already have engagement with the university for summer school. So I couldn't take it.

I say go for it. It's only a year right?

Unknown said...

Michael Jackson is no longer in Dubai, is he?

Go if the terms are good, cannot be a situation where you lose out.

Anonymous said...

I don't have much to add to the wonderful advice you have already gotten, but I would go for it too. Sounds so very exciting!

Congrats on the job offer. :)

dizzy_leaf said...

Cool!! I'm happy for you. Go for it because whichever way that ends up, you know you can always talk about "your Dubai days" during boring dinner parties. haha. see you at the studio soon!

darkorpheus said...

Carl Oh, I do visit Box of Books from time to time. She's funny.

If I do go there, will definitely update EVERYONE on this blog. :)

Will have to buy a camera first...

Matt Was the Hong Kong offer something you might really want? Sorry about it.

But yeah. Right now I have no baggage. This would be the best time to go.

Ah Leng The package is only so-so, but that's the nature of the industry. If I was an engineer, things will be different.

I'm not there to earn tonnes of money. With the Dubai inflation - about 20% per year, says friend who has worked there before - it's doubtful I will be living the high life.

ailuros Thank you. :)

May Thanks. But I'm down with flu these days, so I might have to skip practice this week.

And going means I have to defer my yoga studio membership for at least 1 year.

theduckthief said...

Maybe make a pro and con list.

Also, you said 'at least a year'. At most how long would they want you for and are you contractually bound to work for that amount of time? Otherwise I would say go because if you don't like it you can always leave.

Unknown said...

Not so much as you making tons of money, but rather the remuneration package must be more than sufficient for you to cope with living in Dubai. Don't have to live the high life, but at the very least an ok lifestyle. Cannot possibly regress right?

darkorpheus said...

duck thief They are offering a one-year contract at the moment - to be renewed pending whatever. But that's the thing - within that year, I am stuck in Dubai.

So much to think about within this week.

Ah Leng Inflation at 20% and public transport sucks. So I'll probably not have much of a life for one year. Need to do lots of OT, and probably need to cook to save money.

Can you imagine having to eat MY COOKING every day? ;p

I might regress, need to dig into my savings to survive.

But then I will have "Worked in Dubai" on my resume when I come back.

Anonymous said...

for the rest of your life you'll be able say "I don't know about Michael Jackson but when I was working in Dubai--"

it sounds great, actually. May not be easy or fun but like doing an Outward Bound course with luxury trimmings & you'll probably be glad after.

& you'll come back speaking 'Dinglish' (read that there if you want bread you ask for 'uncooked toast')

will miss you though, in spite of never having met you here!

darkorpheus said...

Ovidia Awwwww! So sweet. It's nice to be missed. Well, sort of missed, since we never met! ;p

As long as the Dubai authorities don't ban blogspot and wordpress, I'll still be around the blogsphere.

I'll carry you guys with me to Dubai!

Need to buy camera....