Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Quitting on Unread Authors Challenge 2007/08

There comes a time when you know you have to throw in the towel on a challenge. From 1 September 2007 to 28 February 2008, participants for the Unread Authors Challenge are supposed to read six books by authors they have never read before. So far, I've only managed Italo Svevo's A Perfect Hoax from my list.

This is one challenge I will have to say I did not complete. Oh well. On the whole, I did complete most of my other challenges for 2007. So it's not so bad.


Ana S. said...

It's definitely not bad. Knowing when to quit is also important. And you did get to read a new author, so joining it was still worth it.

darkorpheus said...

Thank you, Nymeth. You're very encouraging. :)

This year is better than last year challenge-wise.