Saturday, January 05, 2008

YOGA | Sleep

I'm missing an important element in my practice -- sleep.

I've been missing my morning practice and meditation for a while now. It started a few months ago when I was having insomnia. I have chronic insomnia since I was a teenager. The condition improved a few years ago when I started yoga, but I still have problems sleeping sometimes when the weather is warm.

With my insomnia, I just could not fall asleep before 5 am. It was torture, especially during workdays where I had to show up for work with barely 3 hours of sleep. So I skipped morning practice, because I just couldn't find the energy to practice or meditate. Then gradually I skipped a lot of my evening classes at the yoga studio.

It wasn't until last November when I started attending M's classes that I resumed my regular evening practice. But the morning practice is still difficult.

I'm still trying to get into the swing of my morning practice, because the mornings are the only time I have for a home practice.


Anonymous said...

hi--I found my way here from woyopracmo & really like your site(s)! Sorry about the sleep debt... yoga helped me get over insomnia too but I'm also wearing a pedometer cos if my step count goes down or I don't get some sunshine I find myself back in sleepless cycles again... so all the best. And great images of Chinese art. Hope you don't freak out at the thought but I think they would work really well as body art (tattoos) too!

darkorpheus said...

Hullos, Ovidia. Thanks for dropping by. :)

The sleep issue is improving -- now that the weather is cooler. But I still get the sleepless spells sometimes. I'm trying to avoid the overly vigorous poses at night.

I hope you sleep better too.

I actually thought about the Chinese art as tattoo before, so no freaking out here. But according to my more tattooed friends, something of that size and detail will take months -- months of healing, itching, being bored as they poke you. And you need a good tattoo artist who can do the fine lines. So it may cost at least $1000 to do a good one.

Eva said...

My fibro creates a lot of sleep problems for me, so I sympathise. Yoga helps me as well. :) I got this Kingali DVD for Christmas that I've been enjoying quite a bit. However, unless I have an audiobook to listen to (or the news...any kind of steady, talking voice), it's hopeless.

darkorpheus said...

Eva I am so sorry about your fibro. How much sleep do you get everyday? I really hope your health improve.

And if yoga is helping, it may be helpful to practice more.