Thursday, January 03, 2008

WoYoPracMo | Not Really What I Had Planned

I had planned to kick off 2008 and WoYoPracMo by showing up at the new kundalini class that was supposed to start 1st January. I thought: new year, new yoga class, new teacher – great start. As it turns out, kundalini class was postponed.

And I'm having my period.

(I promise this will not be an in-depth discussion of my menstrual cycles.)

I usually take a break from practice when I have my period, especially during the heavier first few days. But on the 1st of January I was a little upset – because I had made a commitment to practice for 30 days. Am I going to break this commitment on the very first day?

Later the irony of the situation hit me (I am an ironic sort of person): how we can plan all we want in life, but nature always takes its own course. So I thought about what I could do that is yoga, but not vigorous.

So for the first day of WoYoPracMo I just sat on my mat and did my meditation and pranayama – something I have often neglected in my usual practice. As I was meditating I recalled the lovingkindness meditation a Buddhist teacher taught me a while back. I called up the faces of my colleagues, friends and family and for each of them, I sent them lovingkindness. For all the wrongs I have done them, whether knowingly or unknowingly, I asked for their forgiveness. Then I offer forgiveness in return.

It didn't feel like such a bad first day. Certainly it wasn't what I had planned, but this spontaneous Plan B felt right. This too, is yoga.

Anyway, I was back at the yoga studio the next day for Hot Flow. I've also drawn out a series of regular morning poses I intend to practice to strengthen my core. I extracted them from a series of core-work recommended by Ana Forrest – who totally inspires me with her strength and grace.

I'm still a beginner, still have lots and lots to learn. Because I am arrogant, I actually enjoy the humbling aspects of my own yoga practice – how it feels okay not to have to pretend to know everything all the time.


purplefugue said...

I honestly have no excuses either. I'll be in Yin tomorrow night, my favourite Friday night wind down class. I swear it helps me relax and sleep better.

One thing I've learned with my yoga practise is that "Hey! You DON'T know everything. Now just do what you can and relax!"; particularly so when I'm trying to contort myself into positions that I KNOW I'm not ready for yet. That has kinda stopped me from going to some classes as I feel like such a dope there. I'm not going to let that stop me this year. Good luck with your WoYoPracMo!!


darkorpheus said...

I promised myself to incorporate more Yin into my practice, so I'm heading for the Power class tomorrow after work. Then I'll follow up with the Yin class later.