Sunday, January 13, 2008

WoYoPracMo | Day 13: Sleep Has Returned

Since today is Sunday -- the day of rest, I decided to do a short home practice instead of going to class. I did about 30 minutes of core-work with a Shiva Rea DVD. Now I'm wondering how this counts as a restful practice? My abs are so going to ache tomorrow.

A while back, I wrote about my insomnia, and how it has affected my regular practice. Well, for the past week I have been showing up for the vigorous Power and Ashtanga classes. Somehow my body managed to keep up with my intention and it was a good solid week of practice. The most amazing thing is: I slept very well this past week. My friend Missy, who joined me for Ashtanga class last week, was also surprised at how deep her slumber has been.

Amazing how it always comes back to the practice. Just practice, and things will sort themselves out.


Chris said...

I am happy that sleep is finally finding you.

I have sort of the opposite problem ... this month, I've discovered too many new things I'd rather do than sleep, and it is starting to wear me down. There's WoYo ... that's all good. Then there's blogging about WoYo ... my first experience at blogging and so far it's totally out of control. Then there's BSG which I just discovered this fall ... I got the first two seasons for Christmas and have to finish them before season three reruns completely fill my Tivo so I'll be ready when season four starts ... can't watch them out of order, oh no. And of course my feed reader, which has everything from LOL Cats to Triumph of Bullshit ... that's going to make my life better, I just don't know how yet.

Anyway, I can relate to how much a good class can help ... I have one hard class a week, and have no problem going to bed on those nights!

Gypsy Girl said...

I just received the Shiva Rea Core Ab DVD a few days ago and did it today for the first time. A little different than what I am used to. Nice switch. I've heard it said that your muscles have memory and get "lazy". so it is suppose to be good to switch it up now and them...keep us honest. I can already feel my abs

Iliana said...

Are you doing all types of yoga? I've only tried one power yoga class and I think that's just not for me. I really like hatha and restorative classes even.
Anyway, yay, that the insomnia is gone!

darkorpheus said...

WoYo Chris I'm so glad to find sleep again.

Blogging can be challenging. I thought I could do a daily blog for WoYo -- but sometimes there's not a whole lot to say. But just keep at blogging, Chris. After a while you may find a voice that comes more naturally. And more in control.

Goodness knows for every one decent posts I write, there's twenty more \that make me cringe to re-read. ;p

Battlestar Galactica rocks! I have the seasons 1 and 2 DVDs and I'm just waiting for Season 3 to be released on DVD in March.

I ALMOST chose Starbuck as my blog avatar. Almost.

Gypsy Girl I was practicing to Shive Rea's Core Ab DVD last night. Like you, I find it different. There's something a little dance-like about her moves, more swirling, circular movements.

I realy felt my lower abs this evening in Power class.

Iliana I am more flexible than I am strong, so I need to build up strength. I do mainly Power Yoga, because I enjoy the strengthening aspects of it. Recently I attended a few Ashtanga classes, just to shake things up a bit. But I'm not an Ashtangi. I'm more free-style.

I would really love to go more deeply into the Anusara practice, but my Anusara teacher left the studio last year. As far as I know, there is no certified Anusara teacher teaching in my country right now.

Also, two of the teachers at my yoga studio are deeply inspired by Shiva Rea, so recently I have been trying out the Shiva Rea DVDs.

I have tried Bikram Hot Yoga for a few months -- it wasn't the heat that bothered it. It just didn't feel right for me. Yet some people swears by Bikram. Ever tried Bikram?

The beauty of yoga is its prescriptive nature. Some people need Power Yoga, some people need the softer Restorative practice. And we need to tailor our practice to our needs at different moments of our lives.

purplefugue said...

Glad you're finally catching some zzzs. I love that about yoga - classes which leave you relaxed with the added pill of sleep.