Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Kiwi Fruit

Thank you everyone who messaged me, emailed me, called me, came down 10 floors to speak to me (hi JoJo!) or left comments on this blog wishing me well. I am grateful for all the kindness.

Well, just an update -- the cyst has officially been dubbed: "The Kiwi Fruit".


I'm trying to make arrangement at work for my pending 4 weeks medical leave. When I explained to one of my vendors why I will be away for so long, she just blurted, "Wow. That's the size of a kiwi fruit!"

It fits, so it stuck.

As Missy remarked, "It helps put it in perspective." Can you guess what I will pick up from the supermarket this weekend? :)

Not that I'm not taking it seriously. I am. I can't stop thinking about the things I need to do. I was in Downward Dog this evening and suddenly I thought of the forms I will need for my meeting with the Medical Social Worker this Friday. My concentration is warped.

But one can only take any extreme emotion in drams. Eventually you either work out the negativity, or you end up depressed (and maybe even crazy). Missy asked if I was going to stop practicing yoga from now. Definitely not. Call me stubborn: but I intend to continue with my regular yoga practice, continue to go to work, continue to live my life just like before. I ain't dead -- so why should I stop practicing just because of a surgery? The point is to do what needs to be done to get it out of the way, then move on, move forward. It's not supposed to stop me from living.

Besides, I have tickets to Sondre Lerche and KT Tunstall concerts. I must attend.

I was reading Judith Thurman's Cleopatra Nose (a delicious volume of essays) while I was waiting at the Women's Clinic. In one of her essays, "Reader, I Married Him" (care to guess what was the subject of her essay?) --Thurman quoted this famous and delectable line from Jane Eyre :

"I must keep in good health, and not die."

I laughed and then I laughed somemore. That's a worthy goal to work for, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

You sound like you are doing better today. I'm really glad about that. This whole situation must be very hard to deal with, but you are doing great :-)

P.S. you may have ruined kiwi fruit for me ;-(

Anonymous said...

I'm so behind in blog reading because of school and work being busy. so sorry to hear about "the kiwi fruit." I hope the surgery goes ok and you recover quickly. I'm sure all of your yoga practice will help in so many ways. Keeping you in my thoughts and send healing vibes your way.

darkorpheus said...

WoYo Chris Oh, I totally intend to have a kiwi fruit salad this weekend. Might throw in some strawberry, cherries and peaches.

Aren't kiwi fruits cute? They're sweet with a slighty tangy taste and they have that odd fuzziness about them.

Have a kiwi fruit. :)

Stefanie Don't worry about it. Just concentrate on your studies and work. Well, don't kill yourself over work. Never worth it to kill yourself over work.

I'll be fine. Thank you for the good thoughts and healing vibes.

Ovidia said...

What a profound significance kiwi fruits assume when the woman we love conceals them from us.--Marcel (abused) Proust

Good for you. Blessings & healing to you--let me know if you change yr mind about Richard Freeman!

Anonymous said...

will sure see kiwi in a 'different' light from now on. ; )

it's nice to hear that you are setting things in prospective. sometimes we just need to move forward. it's true. we are living. Live.

live well and happy thoughts. quietletters

chrisa511 said...

I'm so glad to hear you in good spirits about this D-O...or at least in as good of spirits as you can be. You're so right about trying to keep focused on moving forward and not getting bogged down in things. And it may come to you getting bogged down sometimes, but it's good to keep doing the things that you enjoy doing like going to shows and practicing your yoga. And keeping your great, though disturbing sense of may have ruined kiwi for me too ;)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! i think you definitely have to laugh about it. what else can you do. being serious isn't going to prepare you for it. its not as if its a task you have to do and have to be "focused" in order to get through it.

its going to happen to you and you're not going to have too much to do with it. so laughing about it is definitely the best thing!

a kiwi fruit! now imagine that!

seriously, all blitheness aside, i'm thinking of you.

purplefugue said...

I just read the news! Wow...what an avalanche of happenings and news...and then some! I really hope you're ok. I read the surgery is minimally everything, so that's good news. Worry, I know you will but take heart that you're getting loads of prayers, good thoughts and wishes sent your way.

4 weeks of recuperation means 4 weeks of books, my dear. I think you better stock up now. Or is there enough in your TBR pile? Silly question, right? :-)

4 weeks also means time to devote to the other part of yoga - meditation. So you'll still be practising but no active poses till you're well and whole.

I'll be at Sondre Lerche tomorrow too. 11-ish pm show, right? Was at The Bird and The Bee last night, and they were stupendous!!


darkorpheus said...

Ovidia LOL -- but oh my, now I suddenly feel the urge to track down that Proust quote.

Thanks for the offer on Richard Freeman.

quietletters, Chris(t) & JP
Positive is the only way to go if we want to survive. And at least kiwi fruits are not flesh coloured, yeah?

You guys are never going to eat kiwi fruits ever again, are you? :)

Kisane Oh, I missed The Bird and the Bee, but I did catch Dhafer Youssef on Tuesday and he was divine. Sufi music fused with electronic jazz -- I love.

Yes, Sondre Lerche this Friday, 11pm. We'll compare notes? :)