Friday, March 21, 2008

MUSIC | The Kills

Band name: The Kills

Band members: Alison Mosshart/VV & Jamie Hince/Hotel

The Kills -- an alternative post-punk garage band of two -- VV and Hotel. There is a hipster-chic aesthetics to them, with the right touch of anti-social, anti-corporate antipathy -- mingled with pop-cult self-awareness. They abjure the conventional bass and drums for a synthesier drum machine. It lends an insistent syn-electronic loop to their rhythm, complemented by the raw, metallic sounds of Hotel's electric guitar.

They admit to the influence of Velvet Underground and the poetry of the Beats, which may explain why I like them.

A lot of bands say, "It's all about the music." A lot of these bands are also full of shit.

But The Kills are the geniune article.

Below is the title track from their earlier album, No Wow. The insistent gallop of the drum machine catches you on fire:

"U R A Fever", one of the singles from the third album by The Kills:

The video for "Cheap And Cheerful", directed by Sophie Muller, is the second single released from Midnight Bloom. The Andy Warhol garishness is more obvious in the MTV.

Midnight Boom
Release March 18, 2008

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