Tuesday, March 04, 2008

WoYoPracMo | 108 Sun Salutations Madness

Okay, I'm still trying to figure out how to go about "grounding" my practice for WoYoPracMo: March. Not only am I an Aries sun sign, I also happens to be of a predominantly pitta-vata dosha. Grounding is almost against my nature.

But I'm still going to try: I've just signed up for a Pranayama Meditation workshop for coming Wednesday. It will be good to explore a very neglected aspect of my practice. Asanas without pranayama or meditations feels like just exercise, doesn't it?

But that said, this evening's Hotflow class was awesome! The teacher made us do 27 Sun Salutations and it felt great! Then she said, "Three more sets and we would have done 108 Sun Salutations. That's what you should be doing everyday."

She's joking -- or at least I assume she's joking. But the moment she said it, a lightbulb went off in my head that 108 daily Sun Salutations would be something to aim for. It is so insane it's just worth doing it. Do I really think I can do 108 Sun Salutation every day? Of course not! I have to work. But the point is just to try. So maybe one morning I'll do 27, the next morning I'll do 36, and then maybe only 12 the following morning because I'm late for work -- the point is just to try try try.

March afterall, is MY BIRTH MONTH! Anything is possible!

Hmmm -- This isn't really very "grounding", is it?


StevenCX said...

That is a magic number. It's certainly do-able, but I'd like to know the reasoning behind it. I'm sure there are some that do it for the same reason people do marathons. I googled some answers...

darkorpheus said...

Steven I first tried 108 Sun Salutations last year for Global Mala -- and I was a little intimdated at first -- I din't think I could finish it. But I did. Each 27 Sun Salutations is dedicated to something greater than ourselves. And it was one of the best practice in 2007.

Anonymous said...

i hope you'll understand if that didn't quite make sense to me.

but as a few fellow aries i say you go girl!

darkorpheus said...

JP It's okay. I ramble sometimes. but thank you for the encouragement.

The gist is -- it's a crazy thing to do, and that's the reason for doing it. :)

Chris said...

Off topic ... sorry.

For some unknown reason, I scrolled down past all the white space under your post and found your Aubrey/ Maturin Reading List.

I was like, really? No way! I thought I was the only person in the world doing that! I borrow the books through my local library, but first I have to sign up for the book and then they have to find some library somewhere that still actually has it and will do an interlibrary loan. Sometimes, it takes weeks, but I've read volumes from libraries all over the U.S.

I'm up to The Thirteen-Gun Salute. I just love the series. It's a novel I really love that seems like it will never end. Perfect.

Clarissa Oakes was unfamiliar to me ... in the U.S., that one is called The Truelove. You are welcome for that totally useless bit of cocktail trivia :-)

woyo chris

darkorpheus said...

WoYo Chris There's hardly ever any topic that's off on this blog. ;p

I started on the Aubrey/Maturin series a while back - been trying to track down the series in order. It's hard because they usually have the later volumes available, but the earlier volumes -- especially the ones I want -- are alway out. Must be my karma.

I was just at the library last week. They have 2 copies of "The Fortune of War" -- but alas, the books are on loan. :)

purplefugue said...

Happy Early Birthday!! I'd rather say that than send you belated wishes.


darkorpheus said...

Kisane Trust me -- it's not as hard as it sounds if you're willing to take it easy and do it mindfully.