Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Back to Yoga on Monday Evening - Not Ready Yet

I went for yoga class this Monday evening. It wasn't a particularly tough class. Teacher M led us through the usual Krishnamacharya Vinyasa, with the emphasis on balance and strength.

But one month's absence from practice, with no exercise – my body felt the difference. I felt a dull tugging pain at my navel when I moved into a Cobra Pose. Perhaps my stitches still have some healing to do. Then come Tuesday, my shoulders and thighs ached. These are muscles soreness that will go away eventually, so I'm not too worried. It's that pulling pain when I stretch my abdomen that I am concerned about.

So I skipped the Tuesday Ashtanga class. Went to watch Iron Man instead. My goodness, I loved it. Did anyone else stay till the end, after the credits? I was so happy to see Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

Right now I have to decide if I should go back for yoga class on Wednesday evening, or rest a few more weeks. Some friends told me to rest a few months before resuming yoga. I don't think I can bear that.

To be honest, not practicing yoga allows me more time for other things. My social life is healthier, I have more time to read, to write, even time to catch a movie. These are things I enjoy – but I would just as easily set them aside just to be able to resume a regular practice.

It's odd, isn't it? I spent the first 26 years of my life oblivious to yoga – yet it has now taken over my life so thoroughly.


Ana S. said...

I won't say your friends are right, but if it's still painful perhaps you should give yourself another week or two. I know it must be hard, considering how much yoga means to you...but it'll go by fast.

Anonymous said...

Are there poses you can do that don't cause the stretching where you maybe shouldn't be stretching? Maybe you could just skip some poses rather than not practice at all?

darkorpheus said...

Nymeth I think I just need to learn to adjust to the circumstances better. It has been 1 month since the surgery - time did pass pretty fast.

Just wish the healing will be faster. :(

gartenfische I'm thinking I could try restorative and yin yoga instead. And the early morning pranayama class that I can never seem to wake up for.

But I admit there's the Ego-Self talking, where I want things to be just like it used to be. It's more the unyielding mindset at work.

It's one of those moments: I am self-aware enough to identify the problem, but the ego can't quite let go YET.

Anonymous said...

I have a great Paul Grilley Yin dvd I use for days when I really can't face a primary series... only started 'allowing' myself to thanks to woyo.

Have you seen it? Might be worth a try...

darkorpheus said...

Ovidia Thanks. I recall reading your blog posts about your yin practice with the Grilley DVD. That's on in my Amazon cart - along with Sarah Powers, which also looks interesting.

Time to really study the Yin Yoga book by Grilley also.

Rebecca H. said...

I feel the same way about cycling -- if I didn't do it I'd have so much more time for other things ... but I can't imagine living without it! I hope your transition back into yoga goes well, no matter when you decide to do it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could go to yoga but just skip the poses that pull on your abdomen. Or maybe try one of the gentler versions. Healing takes longer than we think it should. And even when the outside looks fine, the inside muscles and nerves are still healing.

darkorpheus said...

Dorothy Thank you. I can see that with your dedication to cycling. Some of my colleagues just tell me to skip yoga. It's just stretching/exercise, they say - but it's more than that. It's a part of my life, and my life is definitely richer and fuller with it.

Stefanie I agree - I overestimate my own ability to heal. Forgot about my tender insides. I'm definitely slowing down, and avoiding those backbends that stretches my front body. Thanks. :)

But I do so enjoy my backbends.

There's a lesson here somewhere. I can feel it.