Thursday, May 08, 2008

MUSIC | Swell Season Does Pixies

Thanks to Carl, who started it with his fantastic post on The Swell Season in concert. He mentioned the duet performed a Pixies song, and I (the Pixies fan) - just had to know which Pixies song. Mary saved the day by revealing it was "Cactus". Ahhhhh. Thank you, Mary. :)

Here's the YouTube video, link courtesy of Carl, of the Swell Season performing "Cactus" - from the Pixies album I alway remember as "The One with the Flamenco Dancer with the Bare Boobies."

I smiled at Glen Hansard's little shout-out to Kim Deal (bassist and back-up vocals for The Pixies), who was apparently there with The Breeders.

Glen Hansard: "This is a Pixies song. In honor of Kim. I hope she's here. I hope she's listening."

They are a great pair. I ended up buying the "Once" soundtrack this afternoon. I am glad to say I enjoy it tremendously.

Big thanks to Carl and Serene for recommending great music that I must have!


Carl V. Anderson said...

You've seen the film or haven't seen the film? You need to see it! :)

The rendition they gave for us was a little bit more polished than this one and a bit more fun, but then I am prejudiced since I was there.

It was a fun song, I'll definitely be checking out more Pixies stuff.

darkorpheus said...

Carl I thought it was screening at one of the artsy cinema - turns out it stopped. So I'm checking out the DVD stores today for "Once." Definitely going to get it. Wish me luck finding the DVD.

Carl V. Anderson said...

I think you'll have an easy time finding it and look forward to your thoughts. After all this I hope you enjoy it. :)

darkorpheus said...

Carl I found the DVD!