Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sex and the City Movie

I will admit it: Sex and the City was one of my guilty pleasures. The writers and producers created four distinct and beautiful women, all likeable in their own ways. Personally I like Miranda -- not just because she is a red-head. She is also probably the most intelligent of the group, the one with the cynical humour. It also helps that one of my friend insisted that watching Miranda on Sex and the City reminded her of me.

My friend Ted prefers Samantha, because: "She fucks like a man!"

What was amazing about Sex and the City was how it made you noticed the women, their styling, their fashion. Well, it made me take note of how the four women were styled so distinctly from each other. I can't remember any other TV series that made me notice fashion styling.

I'm not ashame to admit I want to watch this movie.


serene said...

If the movie opens in SG when I'm home, I'll watch it with you :) Together with Peranakan vegetarian food, of course...

I never was into Sex and the City during it's first run on HBO here (largely because we couldn't afford HBO), but I've been watching reruns and it is most definitely guilty pleasure. I don't have a favorite character, but sometimes I wish I had just a little of Samantha's ballsiness...

darkorpheus said...

Serene HBO Singapore didn't screen Sex and the City when it was still running in the US. We had to catch it on DVDs - which allowed a lot of unhealthy weekends just binging on the series.

Samantha is definitely ballsy. I love the way she can fall on her face, and still struts off into the sunset.

That said, Cynthia Nixon's classiness in real life might be the real reason I still like Miranda. The woman weathered through the media scruntiny on a gay relationship and breast cancer with so much dignity. Stars like Britney and Lindsay Lohan should learn something from this woman on how a celebrity should behave.

Sex and the City is opening May 29th - same weekend as Prince Caspian>. You back by then?

I'm making a new Nano Playlist called "Wrist Cutting Music" Sarah Maclachan and Rachael Yamagata are quite prominent on it. :)

Heather said...

I'm not ashamed either!!! :)

darkorpheus said...

Heather Oh yes, sistah! We are not ashamed to LURVE Sex and the City!