Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dubai Update on 2nd July 2008

The contract for Dubai is still unsigned.

Let's just say there is a very good chance I might not go over afterall. The circumstances are beyond my control. I am merely responding to the situation as it arises. I am afterall, a living entity with needs and concerns more pressing than a carton of books. One just cannot throw me in a dark warehouse like a carton of books, and think that's allowed.

Will keep everyone updated.


Doc Martian said...

personally? i'm relieved. you'd be happier in san francisco.


darkorpheus said...

Doc I can be happy in many other places too. But it's the lack of control over certain things that makes it difficult.

Ana S. said...

Do keep us posted. A dark warehouse does not sound good

Anonymous said...

Oh no! It all sounded so exciting and promising at first. I hope it all comes together and it works out, or at least it ends up on a satisfactory note.

darkorpheus said...

Nymeth I'm starting to feel like a mushroom - they keep me in the dark and feed me shit.

Really, that's how I feel about the situation right now.

Stefanie I know. I thought so too, until they start giving me details of the training for Dubai, and other revelations.

What's happen is that things are different. Some of the things they told me during the interview has changed - for the worse.

They have expanded my job scope and duties without informing me. And it seems I will be doing the job of at least 2 people - because they are too cheap-skate to hire more people.

Doc Martian said...

its hard to control your life. it gets harder as you get older. as long as you have a roof over your head, food to eat, some toys and some friends, you're doing alright. as long as you're doing what it takes to keep those goin' on, you're doing something right. anything else is just icing on the cake. i mean i'd love a job, a wife, a fortune to squander on hot dogs and beer at the beach, a car, a house of my own. but i have 50,000 hours of human rights work under my belt some of which isn't pretty (it isn't easy to convince nazis to stop shooting people, not even financial pressure is enough) so it makes more a lot more difficult than it should be. a LOT more difficult than it should be. don't suppose you wanna be my literary agent?

so, just thank your lucky stars you have friends and family and a career and enough books to burn for warmth or build a house out of. ;)

love yah,