Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's a lazy Saturday and I have dinner plans later in the evening with some colleagues. Yes, I'm still doing the farewell meet-up with friends. Sometimes one have to reflect with a certain degree of irony - that for all my anti-social habits, I actually have a lot of friends.

I'm reading The Idiot right now. There is something about Dostoevsky that I find soothing. It says something about my own life when I confess that I recognise his tortured characters, their passionate intensity. That moment when The Prince sees the portrait of Natasya Filippovna for the very first time, and he recognises the suffering in her - that connection through suffering - I think I understand.

I want to take it slow today, after a hectic week. Hope everyone have a nice weekend rest.


Anonymous said...

I like what you say about having many friends despite your antisocial habits. I'm the same way -- it makes for a strange duality because I know I'm an introvert at heart (boy, do I need my downtime) but most people take me for an extrovert at first. My extroverted friends can't fathom why I'd choose to stay home with a novel over go to a party.

Anonymous said...

The Idiot is a sweet Dostoevsky novel. I hope you enjoy reading it. :)