Thursday, August 28, 2008

Books To Be Given Away

Update: Some books has been taken, and more titles added, including some book proofs I have received over the years. Like I said, check back if you're interested [28 August 2008]

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I'm in the process of getting rid of  books from my library. Since it's quite a list, I'm updating it gradually - which means there should be new titles being added almost everyday. If you’re interested, please check back often. If you’re interested in any of these books, please email me (pagan_25 AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk) or message/call me on my mobile.

Since my priority is to get rid of these books as soon as possible, I’m afraid this will only be available for people living in Singapore. Sorry. All unwanted books will be dumped shortly before I depart Singapore. 

Please note that all books listed have been stored for a long time in a humid environment (ie. my room). So the pages are yellow with age, dusty and there might be the occasional notes and underline on the text itself.

List posted at here


Doc Martian said...

more dara torres.

darkorpheus said...

Doc - Hey, thanks. My god, she was in pain when she was winning those silver medals. Now I really feel bad that she didn't get the gold.